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Tips On How To Write An SEO Blog Article

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Written by Ahmed Gill

Ever since the digital world got heed, marketing demands also started hitting the sky. Not only this, the search engines are continuously evolving and increasing competition for ranking articles and blogs. You can spend hours writing some content on a particular topic, but what about the optimization?

Do you think it's easy for the bots of search engines to rank your articles based on one or two aspects only?

Well, that's not the case. Since it requires a lot of attention, you must abide by the rules too.

The content must show engagement, the pursuit of knowledge, and boundless potential. This will work at keeping the readers hooked to your website.

Why Is SEO Content Important?

SEO means search engines optimization

It is important to aware of the incoming audience about your company. But how will they know about your brand providing the same services the traffic is searching for on the search engines?

The answer is simple. Search engine Optimization

SEO content will rank your website. Since 90% of the researchers only consider the first page, SEO content, in this case, is the same. Nonetheless, you must never forget that content will drive leads towards your website.

Making it optimized is not enough; making it relevant to the topic, working on the hosting and domain also needs attention.

You are mostly talking about what the audience wants to hear through SEO content, making it audience-centric, not company-centric.

It also helps to establish a sense of professionalism among the audience. If you have a ranking article on the search engines, you will notice potential clients coming for your services. This amenity will improve the approach towards your website, with locals and others taking it more seriously.

How It Helps Rank Your Post/Keywords?

Since we are talking about ranking, the algorithm keeps changing. At the beginning of the decade, it was only about the keywords. But, with time, Google started witnessing negative remarks over this.


If a person were searching for seahorses, they would be getting results for sea and horses separately. Not only that, but the content wasn't relevant to the topic also. People started paying Google for ranking their websites.

Now the game has completely changed. You can still pay up, but that comes with terms and conditions. Here are a few steps on how you can rank your blog articles,

  1. First, start by selecting a compelling title. It will work as the front soldier towards attracting an audience.

  2. Start on working with an outline first. Without it, you will start losing a sense of the topic and lose track till the end.

  3. Next, research long phrases, as well as short phrase keywords. Search for primary and secondary keywords too.

  4. Don't forget to optimize the content properly by adding primary keywords one time per 100 words and secondary, one time per 300 words.

  5. If you are staying relevant to the topic, make sure it is also relevant to the services you are providing.

  6. Write compelling, engaging, and crisp content. Search engines' bots recognize the values you will get through this and rank your SEO blog articles.

Tips for SEO Writing

While trying to make the content top quality, there are some tips we must always remember. While keeping in mind your industry's competition, nothing must stop you from researching the topic.

  • Stay Relevant to The Topic

The topmost priority while writing the content is not losing track of the topic. Since the algorithm has changed, Google is ranking articles by also managing the topic's relevancy.

Read, think, and then write

Make sure the content you are working on is also adding value to the services you are providing.

  • Avoid Fluff in The Content

It may sound prodigious, but fluff in content takes years to avoid. If you are a beginner, this problem arises the most. But with time, you will start losing the FLUFF in your content. Most of the readers are not attracted to this and find the content dull, boring.

Less traffic, lesser revenue, and no potential clients

  • Add Keywords, Optimize It

When we talk about relevancy, optimizing it is also necessary. Since we don't want the readers to find your content skeptical, adding the right keywords will remove this amenity. Your main aim is to rank a website on top pages of search engines and keywords to help you do just that.

You can use various free to paid software for finding primary and secondary keywords.

Some names include Uber Suggest, LSI Graph, Google Keyword Planner, and many more.

The competition is high, and none of us would want to stay behind. Using keywords will mark your brand's name and signify the approaches made by the audience.

  • Invest Time in Researching A Topic

This tip is essential. If you are in the market, you will know what your competitors are writing about. Through this, you will start developing an idea of what you should be writing about while fusing some characters.

The more time you invest in researching a topic, the more traffic will take your content seriously and reach the audience

Since this act of making your content engaging enough will target the viewers, your company will sound more fun, approachable, and professional.

  • Use Easy, Crisp, And Compelling Tone

Always remember this, readers enjoy fun and to the point yet colossal meaning content. Through a compelling tone, you tell the visitors that your company is also a team of welcoming individuals. The tone defines how you invested in providing the readers with some knowledge to help them in daily life.

Once you have researched thoroughly, try avoiding fluff content. Make it fun and easy to read. Make short paragraphs; add headings and sub-headings, pictures, and hyperlinks too.

Final Verdict

To conclude it in a smaller version, the content that is search engines optimized will help in ranking the website on top pages of search engines. You will start getting more traffic, and revenue will increase too with time.

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