The Reality of Before And After Photoshop Transformations

We have all seen what Adobe Photoshop's photo editing capabilities are. But do some take it too far? There's nothing wrong with photo editing and there's probably not a business that doesn't edit their content in some way to give it that extra something to stand out. As long as we all know it's the work of an artist or editor and not reality.

Image Credit: Wix

Let's throw it back to 2014 when R3DLIN3S on Youtube made this crazy transformation from a pizza to a woman to make everyone wonder, are people taking Photoshop transformations too far? After all, there can be an unrealistic expectation for women to look a certain way. With that said, using Photoshop as an editing tool is an industry-standard and helps enhance or improve photographs without having to reshoot the entire photoshoot.

R3DLIN3S on Youtube

When you edit a photo, you are changing the image. This can be done by adding filters, retouching, using the liquify tool, and much more. You have the ability to brighten your photos or add color. Instagram even has their own filters to help enhance your photo.

What has been trending more in 2020 and 2021 is the Instagram vs. Reality movement, where women are posting before and after photos of themselves to show how much filters can change their appearance. Check out QQVES on Youtube, where they have several episodes that show you how celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian, edit their photos.

Video Credit: QQVES on Youtube

The Talko came out with a video of embarrassing Photoshop fails because sometimes even experts and celebrities can make mistakes editing their photographs. At least we all know now that what you are seeing on Instagram is not reality.

Although Photoshop can be an incredible tool for editing photographs, it's nice to know that not everything you see is real. You don't have to stress about meeting some ridiculous standard that doesn't really exist.

Video Credit: Talko on Youtube

Photoshop is one of the best in raster graphics editing and digital art. You can restore old photos and create incredible digital paintings using a tablet. So it's not Photoshop that is the problem but society's expectation that women should look a certain way. No wonder we spend hours in front of the mirror wondering how to get rid of wrinkles and achieve perfect skin.

So instead of thinking of these edited photos as reality, think of them as photographic art because when you edit, paint and add enhancements to the photograph it becomes an expression of creativity and imagination of the photographer/artist.

Video Credit: Talko on Youtube

You can see in the above video, the vast difference in the photograph after it has been edited. As this video will show, they don't only edit women celebrities but also men as if John Hamm needs any photo editing. All of these celebrities are beautiful prior to any photo edits so it's important to note that everyone has flaws and perfection can only be found in the world of social media.

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