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The Best Digital Artists in The World

The idea of art is global, and digital art makes it possible for many gifted artists to use a variety of canvases, tools, and media to convey their ideas that it has essentially become the major platform for some of the best.

These accomplished digital artists, who come from various nations and continents, serve as role models for young and aspiring artists. Their works, which cover the full range of human emotions, can occasionally be whimsical, horrifying, fantastical, or breathtakingly beautiful, but they are always products of the highest caliber.

With the introduction of cutting-edge technology like blockchain and ideas like NFTs, digital art continues to demonstrate its relevance and ability for self-reinvention. New tools developed with merch in mind and intended for designers and non-designers are a great illustration of this. Using a t-shirt design maker or t-shirt design templates, you may create your own design collages whether or not you consider yourself a designer.

Are you an artist seeking a venue to display your work? Using the Mockup Generator might help your designs stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the top digital artists working today.

Mike Winklemann's Beeple

Michael Winklemann, better known by his stage name Beeple, is one of the most popular digital artists working today. His work often depicts dystopic futures that are hilarious, frightening, surprising, and disturbingly distressing. He gained notoriety in 2021 after selling an NFT for a stunning $69M, which opened up several more opportunities for collaborations.

Bradley Munkowitz, aka GMUNK

GMUNK is a digital artist whose work features psychedelic color palettes and sci-fi themes. His work is produced across a wide range of platforms and media, including short films, music videos, advertisements, digital art exhibits, installations, and more. He has collaborated with prestigious companies including Nike, Uber, HBO, and many more. Visit his website to see his extremely unique art.


Pi-Slices is a GIF artist that specializes in making fantastical 3D seamless loops. He has worked with companies like Nike and Nissan, and his work has been featured in several news outlets and magazines including The Guardian, The Washington Post, and CBC Arts. His work is accessible on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Shoham Ofir

Freelance animator Ofir Shoham specializes in adding frame-by-frame neon light to movies of people dancing, participating in sports, or engaging in other activities. His work has been featured and shared on several well-known accounts, and it is only anticipated that it will continue to expand.

Gustavo Torres' Kidmograph

A fantastic portfolio and background in many media, including live visuals, music videos, GIFs, and drawings, KidMoGraph is an Argentinian art director, motion designer, and artist. His clients include Justin Bieber, Gucci, Apple, and Facebook, and his work is influenced by LoFi, cyberpunk, and other futuristic and retro-futuristic notions.

Randy Bishop (American—Idaho)

Randy is a fantastic artist and character designer with a focus on narrative. His figures have very lifelike qualities, displaying a wide range of actions and emotions via their facial expressions, and each drawing tells a unique tale. Randy has collaborated with well-known companies in the field, such as Dreamworks, Axis Animation, and others.

Swede Minna Sundberg

Swedish artist, writer, and comic book creator Minna specializes in presenting stories via hip comics that are influenced by Finnish mythology. Her graphics play with light and color in a manner that immerses you fully in the many worlds she conjures for the tales of her characters.

Scotland's Alex Heywood

Scottish artist Alex creates fantastical landscapes where one may get lost in the minute details by fusing pop culture and surrealism. His ethereal color schemes transport us to a dismal world with mystical creatures that is influenced by a vintage setting.

Dean MacAdam (American and Swedish)

Dean is a wildly creative and flexible artist that specializes in advertising, editorial, applications, packaging, and portraiture. He does all of it, each in a distinctively his own goofy manner. Since he has worked with brands like Burger King, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, and more, you can find his works on cereal boxes, mobile apps, magazines, and more.

James Gilleard (New York)

James is an illustrator and animator at Blue Sky Studios, who creates tranquile pastel worlds throughout his illustrations, using vintage inspired color palettes. His LA style skies and landscapes are beautiful in the sense that they remind us of a dreamy state we’d all love to be transported to.

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