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Can Selling your Art on Fine Art America be a Lucrative Side-Hustle?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Fine Art America started back in 2006. Fine Art America combines artists, photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators all over the world. Fine Art America has sales and marketing tools to help sellers promote their work directly from their account. With over 500,000 independent artists selling their work on Fine Art America, what are the possibilities that selling your work will bring in a steady income every month?

As a seller on Fine Art America, you can set your own mark-up prices. This mark-up is the amount you will earn on each sale. Keep in mind that you can set a different mark-up for each item available for sale on Fine Art America. For example, let's say the average mark-up for all your artwork is $5.00. If you sold only 10 art prints or products, your total profit every month would be $50.00. So just to make $500 a month, you would need to sell at least 100 units every month assuming your average mark-up is $5.00. It takes a great deal of effort and consistency to achieve this level of selling. Since you are competing with over 500,000 people, you need to utilize their promotional tools to get noticed.

Fine Art America will also recommend a mark-up price so your work can be competitive with other artist selling their work. They also have promotional tools that you can use to promote your work. If you already have a following on Instagram, Fine Art America offers a tool to create an image to post to your Instagram page.

There is an option to license your work. This option could help you increase your sales. Fine Art America offers three ways for you to license your work. Royalty-Free, Rights Managed, and Custom.

The royalty-Free license allows buyers to use images for promotional and editorial purposes such as websites, blogs, brochures, etc. Right Managed allows buyers to use images in advertisements and merchandise for resale, packaging, and other products. As a seller, you can choose which licensing agreements you want to offer. They also have an option for you to create your own licenses.

Fine Art America has many options for sellers to promote and sell their work but like most things in life, it takes hard work and dedication to make any kind of an income selling your work on their website. But if you can put in the hard work at the beginning and gain some popularity, you may see your sales increase over time.

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