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Love the Max Media Art Expo in L.A.

Updated: Aug 20

By: Fiverr Writer

Ribbon-lined puddles of light underfoot and bulbs of color strung by wire from the ceiling overhead, take visitors to some otherworld at Love the Max Media Art Expo. When thinking about things to do when visiting Los Angeles CA, immersive art allows visitors to exist within the crossover of the digital and tangible worlds. At the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Ave, you can step into a world painted with state-of-the-art technology moving through light, color, and sound.

Brand new developments in digital art are the highlight of MAX. Some rooms provide a backdrop of color where anyone can transform their portrait into a sexy silhouette, becoming the art themselves. Other rooms are magic, static, and maybe a little upside-down. Photography is welcomed at the XPO and allows visitors to become the exhibit; documenting their unique moment in time where they were not only captivated by swirling colors but also took the opportunity to step into a world inhabited by sprites and flares of color and light. The magic is undeniable in the space. It is truly a one-of-a-kind exhibit and installation that only California could bring.

Innovation, sublime ethereal creativity, and East Asian art provide inspiration for the interactive elements of this exhibit. Magic is not something one would typically associate with the brick-and-mortar-built walls of a museum. However, something amazing happens when digital art transforms every wall, ceiling, floor, corner, and space in between. When art is everywhere it is impossible not to feel immersed and transformed. Those who are social media savvy will step into some otherworld and create content to share with their friends and followers.

In a world of physical media, digital art creates a crossover where what is expected becomes something new and exciting. Every doorway you step through at the XPO is a chance to immerse yourself into a living piece of art. Endless unique moments exist at Love the Max Media Art Expo because it was crafted by innovative trailblazing artists.

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