Interested in Selling on Society6? Here are some File Size Recommendations for Society6 Products

Updated: Jan 21

(Images: Digital Art Effects products available on Society6)

When I first started selling on Society6 I did some research about what file sizes they recommend and thought I would share with you the information I gathered.

Society6 recommends a minimum file size of 6500 x 6500px and a minimum ppi of 150. You can upload either JPG or PNG formats. Although these are the minimum requirements below I breakdown certain size requirements based on the products you are trying to sell. If you're interested in selling more than just artwork, here are some file size recommendations for other products available on Society6:

LEGGINGS: 7500 X 9000px

OUTDOOR CHAIR: 2550 X 7800px

SUNSHADE: 5748 X 8604px

YOGA MAT: 3750 X 10650px

BEACH TOWEL: 3700 X 7400px

PICNIC BLANKET: 9300 X 7750px

BATH TOWEL: 3700px X 7400px

WALLPAPER: 3600 X 3600px

RUG: 7400 X 5000px

BENCH: 8175 X 3675px

The products listed above are just some of the popular products available on Society6. So if you're only interested in creating Yoga Mats, you can see there are specific file size requirements to get the best quality for this product. Making sure you have the correct file size and resolution can have a huge impact on the quality of your work.

What is your favorite product on Society6? comment below.

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