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How to Create a Wireframe Tunnel in After Effects

You can learn how to create an animated wireframe tunnel with a few simple steps in Adobe After Effects. You will need the plugin Red Giant Trapcode Mir which is now available on the Maxon website. Adobe After Effects allows you to create digital visual effects and motion graphics for your films, videos, and art creations. Maxon Trapcode Suite, which is a third-party plugin for After Effects allows you to create incredible particle simulations and motion graphics.

Digital Art Effects on Youtube

If you need to create an interesting effect for your title intro or video and you don't have a lot of time, this video is for you. Without using overly complicated techniques you can still get a cool effect for your video. You will be able to change the color using the light layer in After Effects. You will be using the third-party plugin Trapcode Mir to create the green wire tunnel.

After you learn the basics of creating the tunnel, you will be able to tweak the settings to get the look that you want. Digital Art Effects Youtube channel has simple title effects and video effects tutorials that outline simple and effective ways to create title animations and intros for your videos. You can also check out relaxing art visual videos if you are looking to put something on your TV for a calming background or screensaver.

For more videos and tutorials visit Digital Art Effects Youtube Channel

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