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How to Create a Star-field Animated Wix Website Background in Adobe After Effects

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

In this video, you will learn how to create a star-field animation in Adobe After Effects for your Wix website. You will need Adobe After Effects to create this animation. No plugins are required. This animation only requires two layers.

1. Background Layer

2. CC ball action layer Each layer is created by going to layer --- new --- solid.

The first layer is a solid black background layer.

The second layer is the color you want your stars to be. Once this layer is created, you will go to effects and presets and search for CC Ball Action.

CC Ball Action Settings:

Scatter - 1024

Grid Spacing - 2

Ball Size - 10

You will create the animation by changing the scatter settings on the CC Ball Action effect. You always want to make sure your time ruler is at the beginning of your time graph. From there you will select the stopwatch for the Scatter option. At the begging of the time frame, you will set the scatter to 700. Then drag the time ruler all the way to the end of the time graph area and then change the scatter to 1024.

The last part of the video shows you how simple Wix makes it to upload your animation or page background on your Wix Website.

Check out Digital Art Effects YouTube Channel for more quick tips and tutorials and don't forget to subscribe!


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