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DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Written by Asmamalik Blog writer on Fiverr

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, you must be excited to present gifts to your loved ones. DIY Arts and Crafts Valentine's Day Gifts may be an exciting idea. While buying a box of chocolates or a bouquet of pretty flowers may seem an easy option, why not make your loved ones feel special by giving them a DIY gift.

We have an amazing collection of handmade Valentine’s day gift ideas that will surely add a sparkle to your special love moments.

Relive the moments with DIY Valentine Love Book

Scrapbooks are a good way to present and preserve your memories. A handmade Valentine Love Book is the perfect heart-filled gift idea for someone special. Get hold of some of your memorable pictures and start creating your special gift. You will need, small blank cards, small size photos, and a ribbon, twine, or other binding material. Paste the pictures to the right half of the cards. Write your love comments on the left half of the cards. Punch holes about 1/2 inch from the bottom and top of the edge and thread ribbon through holes. Ta-da! you are ready to relive the memorable moments together.

Ignite the love with DIY glowing Mason jars

Mason jars are so versatile, decorating these is super easy and fantastic! Mason jars can be painted in bright colors leaving a heart-shaped space near the middle of the jar. The magic begins by adding copper wire fairy string lights or a flameless tea light candle giving it a beautiful feeling of love and compassion. A little sprinkle of glitter can enhance its look.

DIY letters stitched with love

Are you good at embroidery? If so this lovely idea is for you. You can design customized love letters using backstitching. Exhibiting letters into frames is surely an out-of-the-box inspiration! You will draft your letter on a printed fabric which will be glued on a piece of cardboard. Then frame it using a photo frame of your choice. Congratulations, you have created a personalized Diy gift of a framed letter with gorgeous love messages on it.

Heart Wind Chimes

Get your creativity flowing by making these amazing heart-wind chimes for your special someone. To make your customized version, restring pearls along with heart-shaped glitter sheet cutouts onto the fishing line, then add flat glass shell pieces. You can use anything with holes that can be strung up and look nice. Enjoy the music of love together with your loved ones.

Make your love rock solid by Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Rocks

Create your very own DIY Valentine’s day gift rocks. Take rocks with flat and smooth surfaces. Wash the rocks and seal the rocks before painting. Paint heart shapes in any pattern you feel like. Don’t hesitate to play with colors and patterns. You can use oil-based paint pens and sharpies to write your short love messages.

Valentine’s Day love canvases

For this, you need a canvas. Use cardboard to make a heart template. Trace the outline using the heart template on canvas to ensure all your hearts are the same size. You can fill your outline with anything you want. Next, you can fill in the hearts with random colors to give them a splash.

Bead your love with Valentine’s day love bracelets

We have got a unique Valentine’s day jewelry idea. Make this adorable message bracelet for your loved one. This valentine, instead of speaking out what you really feel, craft your emotions in this message bracelet. Instead of speaking about your feelings use small phrases or words using beads with alphabets printed on them These DIY Valentine’s day gifts will bring laughter, tears of joy, and jaw-dropping expressions by your near and dear ones. So what are you waiting for? Switch on your creativity mode and start working...

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