Bringing Art to Life Through Makeup

We know you're out there. All the women and men that love bright beautiful colors. Experimenting with makeup has always been something fun for all makeup lovers. Using an artistic approach to makeup can produce some amazing looks.

The first video featured in this post is by You're Gorgeous. Showcasing colorful eyeshadows and creative looks using different techniques.

Video by You're Gorgeous on Youtube

We all know NikkieTutorials. In this video, she creates a beautiful bright pink and orange eyeshadow look. She blends the colors perfectly to create a dramatic and artistic look. Art can be expressed in so many different forms, but makeup is one of the best ways to bring your creativity to everyday life.

Video by NikkieTutorials on Youtube

The next video is by Allure. The video does an incredible job of bringing art to life. Allure puts 3 makeup artists to the task of turning a model into the famously known Van Gogh painting, Starry Night. Each artist creates their interpretation of the painting on the model. It's interesting to see how each artist uses their own creativity to create different looks from the same painting.

Video by Allure on Youtube


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