6 Helpful Products to Get Started Digital Painting

Updated: Jan 21

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Interested in learning about digital painting? Digital Art has grown in popularity over the years. Digital painting combines traditional art and software programs with a wide range of tools and effects at your disposal to take your art to the next level. Using your creative skills and imagination you can create impactful digital art.

Through digital painting or drawing, not only are you drawing on a tablet instead of paper or canvas but you are learning how to navigate these digital art software programs which take a great deal of dedication and learning. There are always updates and add-ons to these programs so the learning never really ends and the creative possibilities are endless. Being able to create beautiful art pieces that can bring joy and imagination to someone's life is what art is all about. If you're interested in learning more about digital painting and drawing, here are some of my favorite tools and programs for digital art.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has so many tools for you to create digital paintings. You have a large selection of paintbrush tools and effects that can be added to your digital artwork. When you use a tablet to paint and create your artwork in Photoshop, it makes it easy to upload and sell your work on various websites. Photoshop also makes it easy for you to share and promote your work on social media.

2. Wacom Tablet - Prices Starting at $79.95 on Amazon


This is a great tablet for anyone starting out with digital drawings and paintings. It is affordable and easy to use. It can be connected to many different software programs that are available for digital artists. If you prefer to use programs other than Photoshop you can do that with the Wacom Tablet.

3. Wacom Cintiq - Prices Starting at $649.99 on Amazon


The Wacom Cintiq is on the pricey side but well worth it because you can draw directly onto the tablet, making it much like traditional drawing. You will be able to create more precise art with the Wacom Cintiq. You can connect this Cintiq to Photoshop so you can have all the brush tools and effects that Photoshop has available to you.

4. Beginner's guide to digital painting in Photoshop: Characters - Prices Starting at $35.51 on Amazon


If you're interested in character drawing this is one of my favorite books. It shows you how to create custom brushes and much more. It will show you how to go step by step creating your character in photoshop. It will show you many different ways to make your character stand out by using different modes, shadows and highlights.

5. Digital Painting in Photoshop- Prices Starting at $33.49


This is another great book for people interested in digital painting in Photoshop. This book will give you some helpful techniques and pointers if you are looking to expand your knowledge and skills as a digital artist.

6. Master the Art of Speed Painting - Prices Starting at $34.99


Speed painting has grown in popularity over the years. With speed painting, the artist has a limited time to create their work. The times can vary but the goal is to have a finished art piece by the end of the time. This book will give you an overview of what speed painting is and how you can start creating beautiful art pieces in Photoshop.

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