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If you recently purchased a digital print from Etsy or you created your own artwork that you want to print, here are five print services that offer a wide range of deals to print your artwork or graphic designs. Prices vary greatly depending on what size, printing format and quantity you want. I have listed some starting prices for these services just to give you an idea of what it may cost you. You can find full pricing details on the company's website.

1. FINE ART AMERICA - This company allows you to sell your artwork, but if you're looking to print something of your own they also offer this service. Canvas prints start at $35.00, framed prints start at $30.00 and paper prints start at $12.00. I have artwork listed for sale on Fine Art America (shown below) and have tested the print quality of a poster print of this piece. The print quality exceeded my expectations.


2. UPRINTING- Uprinting has a wide range of printing options. If you're starting a business or you are just looking to create a brochure for an upcoming event this is a great service to choose. Prices vary depending on quantity and what you're ordering.

A standard card is around $9.99 for an order of 25. Uprinting is an option if you're looking to purchase in bulk. If you want to print your artwork on a poster, prices start at around $50.00 and vary depending on size, paper type and quantity.


3. SHUTTERFLY - Shutterfly is another option if you are looking to print your artwork or photographs. If you're looking for a gift for someone they have an excellent Photo Book option starting at $15.98 for 1-30 pictures per page. I have used Shutterfly to create a photo book as a give for Mother's Day and I thought Shutterfly was user friendly and easy to follow when I went through the process of uploading my photographs and placing them on each page.


4. STAPLES- Staples also has a wide range of printing services similar to Uprinting. You can order in bulk which is a great choice if you're looking to put your artwork on a business card, brochure, or poster. Pricing will vary depending on which service you choose.


5. EASYCANVAS PRINTS- This is an affordable option for anyone looking to print their artwork on canvas. Prices starting at just $4.30 for 8x8 canvas print. Simply upload your work and they will do the rest.


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