Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Here are 3 affordable books on Amazon that can help you learn digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. I have used all these books to help gain more knowledge and skills in my digital artwork. I use Adobe Photoshop and in some cases Adobe After Effects to create digital paintings. Check out Digital Art Effects Space Art Collection.

Artwork by Lindsey Moses

Book #1 Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting

Beginner's guide to digital painting gives an overview of ways to create a digital painting in Photoshop. It also has quick tips at the end of the book for creating shadows and textures. You can also learn how to create personalized photoshop brushes which can be a helpful tool when you are working on a project and you want to add in-depth textures to your art. What I found most helpful about this book are the tips on how to create water, chainmail, trees, underwater effect, rain, and many more effects and textures for your projects.

Levente Peterffy says, "This book covers a lot, from storytelling techniques to different workflows and tips at different technical artistic levels." Check out Levente Peterffy's work at HTTP://leventep.deviantart.com

Book #2 Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters by 3dtotal Publishing

If you want to learn more about character drawing in Photoshop this is a helpful book to get you started. You can learn in detail about lighting and shadows to create more depth in your characters. Photoshop has so many incredible tools to choose from and the learning opportunities are endless. If you are more interested in creating characters in Photoshop, this book has many tips to create realistic characters in Adobe Photoshop.

Book #3 Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques

This book is a helpful guide for anyone interested in learning speed painting. Speed painting is a term used for digital painters that create artwork in a certain time period. It has been gaining popularity over the years and continues to grow online. You will see work from many incredible artists that have mastered the art of speed painting.

According to Noah Bradley, "speed painting is about learning efficiency, clear thinking, and decisiveness." With a limited amount of time, you have to have a clear vision of what you want to create and execute that vision within a certain time period. Speed painting time periods can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how in-depth your artwork is going to be. This book gives you an overview of speed painting at different time limits and what it really means to speed paint.


Post a comment below with any books that have been helpful to you or any tools you use that have been helpful to you in Photoshop.

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