10 Great Deals for Freelance Artists Ready to Set Some 2021 Goals

Updated: Jan 21

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1. Jumpstart your 2021 goals with this fun Guided Goals Journal.


This 52-week guided Journal will help you get focused and set a plan to achieve anything you set your mind to for 2021. This journal was created by Tiffany Louise, LCSW to help guide people through their yearly goals. Prices starting from $11.78. Not only is this journal a great deal but it has hundreds of positive ratings on Amazon.

2. A Book to Help Guide you on How to Sell Your Art Online


I purchased this booked a while back and found it had some helpful tips on getting started selling your art. Whether you are a digital artist or painter, this guides you through different options on how to promote and sell your art. It also gives you helpful marketing tools to grow your art business. Kindle prices starting at $6.99 and Paperback prices starting at $16.99. Check out the positive reviews on Amazon.

3. A Functional Adjustable Craft Table for your Home


Calling all Freelance artists! This cute and functional craft table is great for any work-at-home artist with limited space. You can choose from different color options. It has space to put your art supplies and has an adjustable top. This is a top seller on Amazon. Prices starting at $162.54 on Amazon. Prices vary depending on the color you pick.

4. Have Some Fun and Get Creative with this 365 Days of Art Journal


Check out this fun way to get creative and explore new ideas with this 365 Days of Art Journal. Daily activities make it fun for anyone who loves art or for someone that is interested in testing their art skills. With prices starting at $15.45 and positive ratings on Amazon, this is a must-have.

5. A Wacom Graphics Drawing Tablet for Digital Artists


This is what I currently use for all my Digital Artwork in Photoshop. It's affordable and easy to use. You have the option to use different software programs to create your digital artwork. Prices starting at $79.95 on Amazon. With over 12,000 ratings on Amazon, Wacom is what many professional digital artists use.

6. Learn how to Create Realistic Characters with this Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting


This book is helpful for anyone that wants to learn how to paint characters in Adobe Photoshop. This book covers everything from establishing your character to creative workflows. Learn how to create realistic characters in Adobe Photoshop. Prices starting at $35.51on Amazon.

7. A Beautiful Set of Colored Pencils for any Artist

Prismacolor Premier offers a set of 72 colored pencils. These pencils are waterproof and don't wear easily making them long-lasting and worth the money. Prices starting at $49.03 on Amazon. With over 14,000 ratings on Amazon, the vast majority of buyers love this product.

8. Another great book, Art Money Success, to help you learn how to make a living selling your art.

Trying to navigate the online world and learn marketing strategies for freelancers and artists to sell their work can be daunting. This book can help you gain an understanding of the business and learn how to make a living as an artist. Prices starting at $9.99 for the Kindle version or $17.99 for a paperback copy.

9. Wacom Drawing Tablet with a Screen for Digital Artists

Although this Wacom drawing tablet has a high price point, it is one of the most popular tablets Wacom has to offer because you can draw directly onto the tablet. It can be easily connected to your computer so you can use the software programs you love to create your digital art. Prices starting at $649.95 on Amazon. Check out the over 1,300 ratings on Amazon.

10. Another helpful book for Digital Artists wanting to learn Digital Painting in Photoshop

Learn digital painting in Adobe Photoshop from professional artists and illustrators. Learn how to use paintbrush tools, masks, and layers to create impactful digital art. Prices starting at $33.49 on Amazon.

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