10 Fun Amazon Art Products When You're Bored at Home

Updated: Jan 21

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Check out some fun ways to pass the time with ten art products on Amazon. We searched high and low for some creative arts and crafts products on Amazon.

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1. Relieve some stress with this popular adult coloring book


We all remember how fun it was to color when we were kids. Now they have new and improved coloring books for adults with some interesting designs and artwork. It's a great way to pass the time if you're bored at home and feeling creative. Check it out now on Amazon, prices starting at $6.20.

With over 13,000 ratings on Amazon, this Adult Coloring Book has been a popular and well-liked item to buy.

2. Go nuts with 80 colors dual-tip markers


For all you fellow pen and marker lovers out there, this is the ultimate gift. With a variety of colors to choose from and some awesome dual-tip markers, this would keep anyone entertained while at home. Prices starting at $28.99.

With over 400 ratings on Amazon, this marker set would be a great gift or for yourself to help with boredom while creating some fun art projects.

3. Has some fun with this paint by sticker: Music Icons by re-creating 10 classic photographs


Similar to a puzzle you place the stickers in the numbered area to create your favorite music icon. From The Beatles to Beyonce, if you love music and need something to do at home check out paint by sticker on Amazon. Prices starting at $9.89.

With over 800 ratings and some promising feedback from Amazon customers, this seems to be gaining popularity, especially for anyone who loves stickers.

4. Create some diamond mood painting art for your home decor.


For anyone that loves some sparkle, this diamond rhinestone painting kit is an exciting way to go. With four canvas options, you can get the entire family to participate and create some magical wall art for your home. Prices starting at $26.99.

This a well-liked product with over 600 ratings on Amazon.

5. Get Creative with this origami kit.


If you have ever wanted to learn how to make origami this kit has a large selection to learn how to create origami. Master the art of paper folding with this fun origami kit. This item includes a book and the origami kit. Prices starting at $12.63.

With over 1,300 ratings, origami is clearly a popular arts and crafts item on Amazon

6. Create your own dino models with modeling clay


Okay, so this may be for kids, but who says adults can have some fun with modeling clay dinosaurs. I don't know about you, but Jurrasic Park was a favorite and it looks like you could have some fun creating some dino models; especially if you're trying to find something artsy to do at home. Prices starting at $19.99.

With 300+ ratings on Amazon, customers seem to love this product.

7. Get busy with this cool 3D Coloring Puzzle Set


A cool DIY 3D coloring puzzle kit for anyone bored at home and tired of sitting in front of the television. Get creative and put a 3D puzzle together and create some colorful 3D art. Prices starting at $18.99.

With over 700 ratings on Amazon, this item has had a lot of positive feedback from Amazon customers.

8. For all those plant lovers out there, check out this Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit


Get creative and learn with this fun paint and plant flower growing kit. Learn how to plant and make it your own by painting the tin planter. It comes with an instructional guide to help you along the way. Prices starting at $24.99.

With over 3,000 ratings on Amazon, this is a customer favorite.

9. Get creative with this DIY Clay Jewelry Dish Arts and Crafts Kit


Who doesn't love a cute jewelry dish? You get to create three bowls so you can keep one and give the other two as gifts. You can make it your own with many creative colors to choose from. Prices starting at $19.99.

With over 600 ratings on Amazon, many customers are loving this item.

10. For anyone with bad dreams, check out this Dream Catcher Kit


Bring back the days of arts and crafts with this dream catcher kit. You can create two dream catchers, so invite a friend and use your creative skills to create these dream catchers. Prices starting at $16.99.

With over 600 ratings on Amazon, this seems to be a popular way to spend art and crafts time.

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